DATE: 21 – 22 November 2020 from 10 – 16
DATE: 13 – 14 February 2021 from 10 – 16
TEACHER: Christian von Lotzbeck (dk)
PRICE: kr. 1.350,- incl. of lunch, coffee/tea, excl. of materials
TILMELDING: Kursus/papir og håndværk
LOCATION: Tversted Skole, Skolevej 11-13, Tversted, 9881 Bindslev
ACCOMMODATION: at Tversted Skole’s Guest House can be  ordered here


Marbling is an old craft known since ancient days. The oldest marbled piece was found in Pompeji.  Today,  marbling is used in various interior decorations.

How would you like to tranform a bedside table of pine into a marble table? Or to decorate the surface of a box, wood panels, a cupbord door or an ordinary dresser and make it look like marble? And when you get a hang of it, you may be inspired to marble the tiles in your bathroom!

Experience the pleasure in marbling pieces that could have never been of veined stone. A chair will be turned into a pure piece of art.

At this workshop Christian will demonstrate marbling techniques using various brushes and tools. He will show pictures of different sorts of marble. Once the prepared wooden boards are handed out, the attendants will start their own projects.

Expenses for things needed amount to approximately dkk 250,-: bruches, feathers, sponge, plastic wrap, oil based paints and three prepared wooden boards

Christian has an education as a commercial photographer. For a longer periode of time he worked at the Danish Design Museum where he offered workshops in restoring antique furniture. Christian takes great interest in visual arts and is a painter himself. His oil paintings have been exhibited in Danish galleries, among other the Gallery at Tversted skole where his landscape paintings were exhibited and lately biblical motives at Sørig Kirke.