Teacher: Mette Hyllested-Winge (dk), andOlga Buraya-Kefelian (us) is teaching day 1
Date: 21st – 23rd June 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: intermidiate
Price: dkk 1,950.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
English students are welcome but teaching will primarily be in Danish with English translation available.
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Day 1
Mette and Olga will introduce you to 3D- machine knitting techniques, and the students will be presented to Olga’s Suke-Suke design and make samples of this technique. During the afternoon the Kune-Kune technique will be introduced as well.

Dayd 2 and 3
We will continue sample making with 3D-technique and will turn them into new techniques. In the afternoon we will turn our samples into garments.

2019 Mette will be teacing 3 intensive days of machine knitting. When living in Japan, Mette met Olga Burays-Kefelian and they will make a joint workshop day one to evidence that handknitting and machine knitting can work well together.

Teacher: Olga Buraya-Kefelian (us)
Date: 23rd June 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: Intermediate
Price: dkk 650.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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Working Intarsia is generally known to be a very tedious type of knitting, however working Intarsia modular style is different and helps knitters achieve more serene way of working with color while creating shapes. In this workshop we will master the technique so we can create Wave Cowl or Wave Poncho in either solid or 2 colors.
Skills needed: knowing how to knit, purl, increase, decrease

Skills learned:

    • Several types of stretchy cast on methods including Crochet Chain method
    • How to work modular style intarsia without bobbins
    • How to work modular style intarsia with several colors
    • How to work German Short Rows style
    • How to work weave in ends on the go while working this style of intarsia to minimize finishing

few places available
Teacher: Olga Buraya-Kefelian (us)
Date: 24th  June 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: advanced
Price: dkk 650,- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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Learn a relatively unused technique of Double Brioche, discover various ways of adapting and customizing it for your style of knitting, creating incredibly elastic fabric and its use in knitwear.
Skills needed:  students need to know how to work basic brioche

Skills learned:

      • How to work Brioche and Tuck techniques simultaneously
      • Learn how to work them in solid or bicolor and how to work this pattern flat and in the round
      • How to work different types of decreases and increases in 2×2 Brioche rib

Teacher: Olga Buraya-Kefelian (us)
Date: 25th June 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: beginner
Price: dkk 650,- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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This class is based on Kune-Kune shawl that is showing off 3D knitwear texture. Where you can learn not just how to make it but also how to adapt it and shape it to your liking.
Skills needed: students need to know how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off.

Skills learned:

        • Learning cast on for invisible edging.
        • How to “read” your knitting to keep better track of your work.
        • How to work partial knitting.
        • How to pick up stitches efficiently.
        • How to shape welts.

few places available
Teacher: Olga Buraya-Kefelian (us)
Date: 26th June 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Price: dkk 650,- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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We all love the look of cabled knits but some of them can be quite complex to execute! In this class you will be presented with 5 other novel options of creating cables using other than the traditional technique!
Skills needed: knowing how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off.

Skills learned:

          • Various cast on methods and their benefits
          • Ways of picking up stitches on purl side and work welts
          • Different methods for achieving 3D look of cables using 3 methods
          • How to perform several methods of cable decreases
          • Tips and suggestions on when to use all of these techniques in knitwear

Olgajazzy brand has been established in 2006 by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. As a daughter of a professional tailor, she has acquired her understanding of clothing construction from an early age, which has progressively become more intuitive. This intuition helps her to create imaginative yet versatile knitwear. Conceived as a line for trendy and ultimately wearable knitwear, the brand is ever evolving. Drawing her inspiration from industrial and architectural fields, combined with her passion for European and Japanese design, results in Olga’s knitwear designs infused with innovation. Always seeking to develop new ways to incorporate knitwear in these modern times has prompted for her Transform line to emerge.
Transform – result of a transformation. The essence of this signature knitwear range is versatility and expanded wearability of each garment: these intelligently constructed pieces provide quintessential wardrobe staples that will compliment various outfits, suit multiple occasions, wearable year round and will suit all seasons.
Balancing out love for texture and minimalism presented in numerous accessories and garments, the brand’s pattern range consistently implements technique-driven elements within each pattern for a greater learning experience and impeccably finished knitwear.
As a contributing designer, author and co-author of numerous titles, the professional quality of written patterns is a recognizable feature of the Olgajazzy brand and encapsulates the exceptional standards of excellence applied across all areas of the brand.
Further information here


Teacher: Claire Wellesley-Smith (uk)
Date: 25th – 27th June 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: none required
Price: dkk 1,800.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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This three day site-specific workshop will use the landscape around Tversted as inspiration for textile-based work. It will begin with a walk from the studio observe the marks and mending of the landscape and how these illustrate the histories of industry and making in the area. Using found marks to inspire simple mordant prints, local dyes collected around the studio and in the Isager dye garden, piecing and hand stitch we will explore ideas that evoke a quality or sense of place informed by this unique location. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and will include time spent both inside and outside the studio.

All materials and equipment will be provided for the course but please feel free to bring your own fabrics and threads too if you wish. You may want to bring some scraps of special fabric or something that holds some personal history to add to your work.
As we will be spending some time outside please wear appropriate footwear and clothes.

Claire Wellesley-Smith is an artist and writer based in West Yorkshire, UK. Claire specialises in projects that use natural colours created from home-grown and locally foraged plants, using dyes and stitches on reclaimed cloth in slow processes that allow time for consideration of methods of production and narratives of use. Cloth, dye and stitch are used as carriers of the natural and social history of place. Claire is a highly experienced tutor who produces long-term textile-based heritage and wellbeing projects with communities and teaches at venues in the UK and Europe.  Her book, Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art (Batsford, 2015) has recently been reprinted for the sixth time.
Further information here


few places available
Teacher: Toshiyuki Shimada (jp)
Date: 27th – 28th June 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: intermediate
Price: dkk 1,375.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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In Japan calculating a model is done using quite different methods than in Denmark. Specially constructed paper sheets and measurements simplifies calcualtion extremely. Day one of this workhshop Toshiyuki Shimada will teach how to use these tools and assist each participant to make an individual pattern. Day two will concentrate on knitting swatches and based onf the guage of the swatch a pattern will be lined up.

Teacher: Toshiyuki Shimada (jp)
Date: – 2nd July 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: intermediate
Price: dkk 1,375.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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We all know the feeling of fear when cutting a steek. Toshi Shimada does not use a sewing machine before cutting the fabric and he masters the technique of steeking and cutting by hand without dropping the stitches. Day 1 of this workshop we will knit fair isle samples, and the next day we will steek and cut. Very helpful skills for future knitting projects.

Toshiyuki Shimada Toshi is an amazing Japanese knitwear designer and teacher. He is the author of several fantastic knitting books and masters several techniques. 2017 he visited Tversted and became a close friend of Isager. We are delighted that Toshiyuki Shimada accepted our invitation to teach two 2-days workshops in Tversted in 2019.


CROCHET HILLA POUCH – Making of arctic cloudberry crochet
Teacher: Molla Mills (fi)
Date: 1st July 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: intermediate
Price: dkk 650- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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Hilla is the Finnish name of this berry, that grows in the northern swamp areas. The tasty berry is used in different delicacies, but you can also crochet a beautiful pattern with it. In this workshop we will make a small pouch with hilla pattern, the size of the pouch is perfect for carrying keys and a mobile. In the workshop you will learn the basics of colorful tapestry crochet, how to carry multiple yarns in the work and how to make a popcorn stitch. The technique is useful in various projects, you can design beautiful bags and accessories with it. Be a beginner or advanced, the workshop fits for everyone.

Teacher: Molla Mills (fi)
Date: 1st July 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: intermediate
Price: dkk 650- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
Sign up:ækling

The inspiration for this pattern came from old style farming, Lato is the tiny cottage where the hay was stacked after harvesting the fields. Here the Lato pattern is used in making an envelope bag, it can also be used in many different projects. This bag pattern was first published in Virkkuri 2- book, it is made with optical crochet technique. The technique allows you to crochet straight vertical lines in single crochet stitch while carrying all the yarns inside the stitches. In the workshop you will learn the optical crochet technique, which is surprisingly simple, you will learn when to change the color of the yarn to create neat patterns, and how to finish your crochet works in style. The workshops is for beginners and advanced, everyone is welcome.

The pioneer of modern crochet, Molla Mills, is a Finnish author and a designer. After three successful crochet books the title is well earned. Molla herself would simply like to be called a cowgirl, she was born and raised in the countryside of Western Finland, in a town called Kurikka. But due to her allergy to cows, she is happy with being called the queen of crochet.
Further information here


KNITTING LAB by Marianne Isager
Teacher: Marianne Isager
5 July2019 from 10 – 12am
5 July 2019 from  1 – 3pm
6 July2019 from 10 – 12am
6 July 2019 from  1 – 3pm
Lunch at Tversted Skole from 12am – 1pm can be preordered. Price dkk 100.-
Sign up:

At this 2 hrs workshop Marianne Isager will demonstrate various knitting techniques. All Isager yarns and colour range will be available for test knitting. Marianne will guide the participants to choose colour combinations for new knitting projects or assist you with knitting projects already on the needles.
Please sing up for the workshop and lunch 1 week in advance.



Teacher: Stephen West (us)
Date: 5th – 6th July 2019 from 10am –  3pm
Ability: beginner – intermediate
Price: dee 1,375.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl.  materials
This workshop is in English
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Across two days, get access into the mind and design process of knitwear designer Stephen West. Take a deep dive into the woolly world of Westknits in this course which covers shwal shaping, colour play and see you walk with your individual shawl design already mapped out and on your needles. Prepare to be inspired.

Day 1: Shawl Mashup and Colour Play
Explore Stephen West’s shawl world as he demonstrates several of his top-down shawl construction methods. You will be given handout filled with Stephen’s favourite techniques, stitch patterns and shaping ideas. In the afternoon you will learn how to show off a colour array of Westknits designs while encouraging you to look at yarn in a new way. By the end of the afternoon, you will have all the tools to put together your own shawl. For homework tonight, start to combine the lessons you’ve learned today into some design ideas to share and cast on tomorrow.

Day 2: K2tog
Today we’re going to put together the principles of shawl desing and colour play to get your own designs on your needles and into the world. You can either start your own shawl design or do a modification of a Westknits shawl pattern. Start the morning by sharing your design ideas with the group, discuss any design problems you can already see coming and cast on your project. Stephen will be on hand to lend suggestions and help you to troubleshoot your design so that you can leave confident knowing your next steps and  how to knitprovise you way to your dream shawl.

Stephen West was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He studied dance at the University of Illinois where he encountered his first yarn store, Klose Knit in Urbana, IL. The creative atmosphere of that local shop spurred Stephen to start designing knitting patterns and he was quickly featured in Knitty’s fall 2009 issue with his Colonnade Shawl. Soon after, he began publishing more patterns and launched a series of pattern books under the brand Westknits. He continues to produce pattern books and hosts several online knit alongs each year like the Mystery Shawl Knit Along, Yarn a Long and Westknits Shawl Club. His simple clean designs have now been knitted by thousands of knitters all around the World.
Stephen West’s shawl designs and innovative colorwork have helped him become a widely recognized and respected designer around the world. Stephen’s designs have been published in, Malabrigo Book 3 and in Jared Flood’s Wool People. He also self-publishes his own series of popular knitting books including his new collection of 13 popular Westknits designs ‘Westknits Bestknits’.
Stephen has taught highly popular workshops at yarn shops throughout the United States as well as internationally in Iceland, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands and The UK. Further information here


Teacher: Owe Björklund (se)
Date: 29th July 2019 from 10am – 5pm
Ability: beginner – skilled
Price: dkk 650.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in Swedish but English speaking participants are welcome
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This workshop will give you a new understanding of paper and how it should and can be used. You will learn how to make a pulp, how to mould sheets, to seize, dry and press the paper. You can play with structures and shapes. At the end of the afternoon you will have a fine collection of paper sheets to take with you home or to bring to Yngve Riber’s workshop the two following days.

Owe Björklund runs the art paper shop ZEN Artpapper in Gothenburg and is a former chairman of the paper society IAPMA. Owe’s dedication for paper roots in his passion to create and in his great interest in art and ethnical products. To Owe, paper making is a craft that encourage people to interact across age and origin. Owe teaches at Billströmska Högskole and Kvarnbyns Handpappersbruk near Gothenbrug. Further information here.


Teacher: Yngve Riber (dk)
Date: 30th – 31st July 2019 from 10am  – 3pm
Ability: participation in the workshop Handmad Paper is an advantage
Price: dkk 1,100.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. material
This workshop is in Danish but English speaking participants are welcome
Sign up:

This first day we begin the process of rusting paper and work with some the various techniques. Yngve will show how to use  pigments of soils for dyeing and colouring the paper we have made. Day two we will use the paper for our art works and Yngve will inspire the participant by demonstrating his sculptural techniques..

The artist Yngve Riber lives in Odense. He has a exhibited in well estimated Danish museums, galleries and art centres in Denmark and other countries, – far away as Korea, Hungary, Israel, Bulgaria and New York City. He has taken part in Land Art projects, performances and several seminars and workshops. Yngve Riber is a member of the Artist Group Hollufgård, the graphical workshop in Funen, the Innternational Ass. of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists, only to mention a few. Further information here.


Teacher: Julie Arkell (uk)
Date: 30th –  1st August 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: beginner or skilled
Price: dkk 1,650.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
Sign up:

In this 3 day workshop we will begin by making figures and animals in papier mache.
There will be opportunities to construct objects like houses, trucks, chairs etc, to make up an environment for your creations. On the final day the pieces will be painted and outfits made from wool and fabric. Please bring a favourite toy or ornament with you, so we can start by talking about what inspires you.


Julie Arkell studied Textiles at West Surrey College of Art and Design followed by a year at St Martins School of Art in London. She grew up in a household where everything was handmade, which instilled a love of domestic materials that continues to this day. Using papier mâché, fabric and wool she molds, knits and stitches onto her pieces to create her own world. Further information here.


Teacher: Beatrice Bless (ch)
Date: 2nd and3rd August 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: beginner – intermediate
Price: dkk 1,325.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
Sign up:

Before we knew of computers text was set with wooden or metal letters. This workshop offers a hands-on introduction to letterpress and is the ideal opportunity for anyone who would like to acquire practical knowledge of this old craft. Participants experience the entire process from compostion (handsetting, spacing and locking up) to printing (inking and pulling the press). Access to a library of wood and metal fonts is open and everyone will leave with a printed example of their work. We begin with a collaborative outcome, with each person setting their contribution and then press the finished form. Once this is complete, individuals are free to produce their own work.

In a beautiful old industrial building in London, New North Press is found on the top floor. Beatrice became an invaluable part of the team during preparations for our Reverting to Type exhibition in 2010. She has taught letterpress at Camberwell College and is an experienced children’s teacher having worked at Steiner schools. Her recent In Your Hands courses teaching local children craft skills have proved very popular.


Teacher: Douglas Bevans (uk)
Date: 2rd August and 3rd August 2019, both days from 3pm – c5.30pm
Niveau: beginner – intermediate
Price: dkk 175.- incl. coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English
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With these one-day workshops in Calligraphy, hand writing complements Beatrice’s letterpress workshop and the printed text. The original typefaces were designed with pen strokes, – handwriting came first but which is the more beautiful? Douglas will introduce you to calligraphy and show you techniques that enables you to make a beautiful handwritten text, and he will show you how to get great results. During the workshop we will analyse some of the types in terms of its pen-construction.

Douglas Bevans began his formal art studies at San Francisco Art Institute, only 4 blocks away from his family’s typesetting shop where his interest in letters began. He became a freelance illustrator after further studies at Art Center in Los Angeles. Attracted by the wealth and variety of English illustration, he moved to London in 1985. The opportunity to teach Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, brought together his interest in lettering and image making. He now teaches at the Royal College of Art, and feels that drawing and lettering find their most agreeable combination in Calligraphy.


Teacher: Maria Tratt (ca)
Date: 5th August 2019 from 10am – 4pm
Ability: beginner/intermediate
Price.: dkk 650.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English but Maria understands some Danish
Sign up:

With the linocut workshop, students will be introduced to the basics of this ancient and versatile printmaking technique by carving two plates made of linoleum. Linocut results in a negative image as ink is applyed using brayers to the raised portions of the block. As all prints will be the mirror image of the carved block students will learn how to reverse their sketches and transfer them to the block before carving begins.

Teacher: Maria Tratt (ca)
Date: 6th and 7th August 2019 from 10am – 3pm
Ability: beginner / intermediate
Price: dkk 1,100.- incl. lunch and coffee/tea, excl. materials
This workshop is in English but Maria understands some Danish
Sign up:

In this imaginative and playful approach to printmaking students will learn to make unique, multi-coloured multi-plate prints by combining montotype and collograph techniques. During the collograph portion of the workshop, students will learn how to make their own plates by gluing found materials to thin pieces of cardboard. This method allows for considerable artistic freedom and students will be encouraged to create plates of various shapes and sizes. With a variety of elements – organic and in-organic – plates are created and will be printed together with more painterly monotypes that are created using water colours, pencils and crayons on treated plexiglass plates. Additionally students will learn about ghost printing, registration, colour combinations and composition.

A 2017 MFA graduate from Emily Carr Univeristy, Maria is a Vancouver based artist with Danish roots. Taking up the tradition of figurative expression, her visual art practice draws on personal memory to create painted and printed works on paper. Maria has taught printmaking courses at Emily Carr Univeristy, Dundarave Print Workshop and Gallery and privately. She has exhibited in in Vancouver as well as several juried exhibitons in Europe. Maria is trained in all four of the printmaking techniques, working mainly with lonocut, etching/aquatint, collograph and monotype, often combining two or more of these in her work.



Tversted Skole has a fantastic weaving studio with shaft and frame looms. We offer workshops for beginners where the bacis weaving techniques are tought, and if possible you can rent a weave and work on your own smaller or bigger projects. During winter seasons we have regular workshops once or twice a week, in summer you can attend the classes announced on our webspage.

Bente Winther is both adminstrator and teacher at the weaving studio at Tversted Skole. Trained as a crafts teacher Bente has given evening classes for adults in more weaving techniques. Years of experience and practise has made Bente a skilled weaver, and her curiosity for experience has given the weaving studio a fantastic, creative place.