At Isager we work together with many talented designers, who publish books and patterns using our yarns. Amongst the best known is Annette Danielsen, who for several years worked for Isager in their shop in Århus. Susie Hauman, Lone Gissel and Tine Rovsing are all former employees at Isager’s in Århus. The shop has now been taken over by Charlotte Tøndering, who was one of Marianne Isager’s first students at Skals Håndarbejdsseminarium. More designers, from Denmark and abroad, are beginning to notice the unique possibilities which Isager yarns offer. This has led to a co-operation which we value highly at Isager.

Our yarns are presented in a beautiful colour range and can be mixed to make new colours and qualities, offering endless possibilities for renewal.


Annette Danielsen: www.annetted.dk

Susie Haumann

Charlotte Tøndering: www.toenderingstrik.dk