Jensen Yarn

JENSEN YARN (ÅLJ = Åse Lund Jensen, Danish knit designer) (3)



The 100% wool yarn is a classic 3 ply quality.
Yarn meterage 250/100 g.
Jensen Yarn was the company’s first classic wool quality. Originally it was presented in a large, beautiful colour range, developed by Åse Lund Jensen. This range was based on Danish plant dyes and on madder, indigo and the Mexican cactus lice cochenille. Most of these colours are now available in the Tvinni and Spinni ranges.
Recommend knitting needles:
Knitting needle, mm: 3,5 – 4 used individually
Knitting needle, UK: 9 – 8
Knitting needle, US: 4 – 6
The yarn works really well knitted together with Alpaca 1 or Silk Mohair and here needle sizes between 5 and 6 mm can be used.
The yarn is spun and dyed in Denmark. See all colors and buy the yarn here