50 % linen, 30 % cotton og 20 % bamboo, spun in Italy
Yarn meterage: 700 meters in 100g

ISAGER TRIO is a blend of 50 % linen, 30 % cotton and 20 % bamboo. This yarn can be knitted individually or with two, three or more strands, or it can be knitted together with other yarns.

The colour range has 20 colours which match our other yarns and the colour combinations are endless

Trio used individually is knitted on 2 – 2.5 needles
Trio knitted with two strands held together are knitted on 3 – 3.5 needles
Trio knitted with three strands held together are knitted on 3.5 – 4 needles
Mix two colours to obtain a new third colour.

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