ROOM 606

HELLE in one colour

Left sleeve:

Using 3 mm needles, cast on 65 (71) 71 sts and work K3, P3 rib as folls:
Row 1 (WS): K1 –  * K3 – P3 *. Rep from * to *, end with K4.
Row 2: K1 –  * P3 – K3 *. Rep from * to *, end with P3 – K1.

Rep rows 1 and 2 until rib meas 10 (11) 12 cm.

Now change to 3,5 mm needles and work nut patt as described above. Please note that no new sts are cast on at sides, as sleeve already has selvedge sts for sewing tog.
Cont in patt and at the SAME TIME inc 1 st at both sides, inside selvedge st, on every 8th (8th) 8th row 16 (16) 16 times in total. Beg inc on 2nd patt row. The new sts are worked in patt.
Sleeve now meas approx. 44 (45) 46 cm from cast on and there are 73 (79) 79 sts on row.


page 33, second column top

From WS:
Work until 6 sts rem on left needle – turn – yo and work back.
Work until 12 sts rem on left needle ….
Cont in this way, i.e. work to 6 sts before last yo on every 2nd row until 5 (5) 5 sts rem on row.


Page 68
Work 13 rows straight and work the other half of the neck line in the same way, reversing shapings, i.e. inc where a dec was made = 61 rows in total.

…. The dec look best if on the right side of the purl sts the sts are knitted tog normally and on the left side turn 1st st, place it back on needle and K2tog tbl.


The amounts of yarn given in the pattern are not correct. They should be as follows:
100 (125) 125 g Isager Silk Mohair col. 6
50 (75) 75 g Isager Silk Mohair col. 47
150 (200) 200 g Isager Spinni col. 100



Size L

Cont in patt and dec 1 st inside selvedge st at both sides on every 2nd and every 4th row alternately 16 times in total (= 16 sts dec at both sides and 48 rows worked). Now work 22 rows straight. The honeycomb patt has to end before the 4 knitted rows in col A.