Twelve Sweaters


YARN, page 18
200 (250) g Isager Japansk Bomuld col 0
150 (200) g Isager Silk Mohair col 0
diagram, page 22

FEBRUARY page 26, 1st column:
With RS facing, pick up and knit 26 sts along cast on edge using Isager Tweed col Wine and Alpaca 1 col Midnight. Pick up and knit 13 sts along each zigzag right below cast on.

MARCH page 32, 1st column:
Row 1 (RS with B): K1, * SL1 pwise wyab, K1 *, rep from * to * 8 times, SL3 pwise wyab, K1, rep from * to * 8 times and end with K1.
Row 2 (with B): K1, * SL1 pwise wyif, K1 *, rep from * to * 8 times, SL3 pwise wyif, K1, rep from * to * 8 times.

Page 32, 2nd column:
Make 320cm strands in col B (2 strands) and 160cm strands in col B1 (2 strands), B2 and B3 (1 strand of each).

JUNE page 58, 2nd column:
Rnd 8 (with D): K4, * SL2 pwise wyab, K6 *, rep from * to * to last 2 sts, K2

page 59, 2nd column:
Using a 3 mm short circular needle, pick up and knit 120 sts along armhole edge. Pm on both sides of centre 2 sts at shoulder and also pm on both sides of bottom 2 sts on sleeve = 59 sts betw marked sts.

AUGUST page 80, 1st column:
Row 7: K1, K2tog, * K3, yo, K1, yo, K3 *, K3tog tbl, rep from * to * to last 3 sts, K2tog tbl, K1.

Page 82, 1st column:
Cast on 220 (240) sts using 1 strand of each yarn on a 3.5 mm circular needle, join and work K5, P5 rib in the round to a 15 cm rib edge or to desired length.
Now work first 8 rows from swatch chart (omitting edge sts and purling sts betw eyelet patt). Rep from * to * to end of rnd.

page 86, 2nd column:
Row 1 (RS): K2, K3, * SL1 pwise wyab, K3 *, rep from * to * to last 2 sts, K2. On this first row patt to last 2 sts, M1, K2 = 123 (131: 139: 147) sts. PLEASE NOTE! This increase is only worked on this first patt row.

page 86, 2nd column:
Row 2: K1, SL1 pwise wyif, *K3, SL1 pwise wyif*, rep from *to* to last 5 sts, K3, SL1 pwise wyif, K1.

Page 87, 1st column:
Keeping patt correct, cont working to 8 sts before last yo before turning and making a yo, until 6 x 8 sts = 48 sts have been ’turned’.

Page 87, 2nd column:
Now join body and sleeves by inserting sleeves over openings on body and work 1 rnd across all 344 (376: 400: 424) sts.

NOVEMBER page 111, 2nd column:
Row 5: Cast off 1 st, P19 (21), K1.
Row 7: Cast off 1 st, P15 (17), K1.

DECEMBER page 114:
Length: 49 (56) cm
Page 117: – diagram
The diagram page 117 and the photo page 101 are not alike. The diagram suggests a possible design. Please follow the swatch instructions on page 116.

Page 117, 2nd column:
Beg with 2 rows of st st: Knit 1 row and purl 1 row using col A1, knit 2 rows using both A colours.