Holger’s Sweater for Men and Children

A few years back Marianne Isager designed the sweater HOLGER for the historical museum of Vendsyssel. Now, the sweater also has a children’s version and both desings are now available as single patterns. The sweater is a classic Faroe Isle sweater, perfect for leasure and outdoor wear. This is exactly how Holger wore it.
Holger Friis was born in 1891 and practiced as a dentist in Hjørring, not far from Tversted. As a child Marianne visited him as a dentist, but she also recalls a privat visit at his son’s house, shortly before Holger passed away in 1986. Holger was sitting in his armchair in the corner of the living room, and when Marianne entered the room he said: “come closer, beautiful, – such perfect teeth”. Well, that was then…

Holger’s Sweater for Men

HOLGER’S SWEATER is knitted in Jensen Yarn and Alpaca 1 worked with both strands held together. Alternatively, it can be knitted with two strands of Highland which will make a lighter and softer texture, but knitted in Jensen Yarn the sweater wears better and the structure becomes very nice.

Holger’s Sweater for Children
Yarn for Children’s sweater (size 2, 4, 6, 8 yrs), knitted in Isager Highland, Cols. Charcoal and Sand