About Isager Yarns

The yarns are primarily classic yarn qualities for knitting, knitting, crochet, embroidery and weaving.

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All yarns are in pure natural fibers and the unstained yarns in the color numbers 0, 2s and 3s are suitable for plant dyeing. Most of the yarns can be used for machine knitting, but it all depends on what machine you have.
The yarns can be used together in pattern knitting.
All the wool yarns are suitable for felting

Color range

The color range is composed so the colors fit together and across qualities. We rarely change colors as it is a range consisting of PRIMARY colors, of which there are always current colors in between. In addition to the colors, there is a natural color scale consisting of 3 colors in a gray scale with blend of wool from black and white sheep, color 2s – 3s – 4s, and a brown scale, color 6s – 7s – 8s.
All colors are dyed in accordance with the high environmental requirements set in Denmark and the EU.
S-colors (mix of wool from white and black sheep) are dyed in color 2s or 3s.

Animal Welfare

It can be difficult for our suppliers to document conditions such as animal welfare because the wool comes from different animal batches. But the wool suppliers, like us, experience an increased interest in traceability, quality and not least, animal welfare. They are jointly developing a brand that documents that the wool from sheep to yarn meets the high quality standards we have always advocated. We hope at some point to be able to use this brand on all our yarns.

One of our wool suppliers writes:
Contacting the farm directly gives us some obvious quality benefits, because we can trace each batch of wool back to the farm from which the wool comes. We only accept wool from the farms that live up to our requirements for “Best Farming Practices” and “Animal Welfare”. This means that we can guarantee that all wool that comes with our integrity mark comes from sheep that have not been exposed to, for example, mulesing.
In addition, we guarantee that, before the wool is washed, we test each individual batch to ensure that all batches included in your total supply meet 100% quality requirements for your wool type. Lastly, we guarantee that all batches are washed with an environmentally friendly detergent and that the wool has not been exposed to bleaching, which, for both parts, is important for the environment.


All our yarns are dyed with dyes that comply with all applicable requirements and regulations and have undergone thorough tests for unwanted and harmful substances. The fixability is high – approx. 95 – 98%, and thus only a small amount of dye is used, so that environmental impact and water wastage are reduced.


Colors 0, 2s, 3s contain no dyes but are exclusively wool blends from black and white sheep or alpacas.
Since these yarns are 100% unstained, they have not undergone the same chemical process required for dyed yarns, no matter how gently they are dyed.