The 1930s

was a time when women’s fashion became more casual, and it was accepted for women to wear men’s leasure wear: High waisted pants, simple, striped and chequered shirts and sleeveless tops that would look like underwear. But it was also a time when fabrics were made of high quality and garments mended, if necessary.

VENICE Top / Design: Helga Isager.

The Top is knitted in Isager Hør Organic col. Linen and Indigo. The top is worked from the bottom up. The front and back are worked separately, and the armhole edges are worked in rib with selvedge stitches.

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MONACO vest / Design: Annette Danielsen

The vest is knitted in Isager Hør Organic and Isager Silk Mohair and has a rib pattern that makes the right side and the wrong side look aqually fine and allows for wearing the vest unbuttoned. It is knitted buttom up and has two side pockets. All increases are made without breaking the fine rib pattern.

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BARCELONA Blouse/ Design: Torhild Trydal

‘Barcelona’ has a tight fit, stressed by the coloured stipes. The blouse is knitted with one strand of Isager Hør Organic, and all six colours are used in the design.

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PALERMO Pullover / Design: Marianne Isager

PALERMO is knitted with two strands of Hør Organic but one strand can be substituted by Alpaca 2 for a softer fabric. The pullover is knitted from the top down and begins with shaping at the neckline. This way, body and sleeves can be adjusted to the desired sizes and lengths. Throughout the work, Hør Organic col. Ink (black) is held together with one of the stipe colours.

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NICE Top / Design: Anne Ventzel

A Top with a simple t-shirt silhouette with the shoulder line pushed forward. The design is worked from the top down. The pattern must be ordered directly at

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CANNES Cardigan / Design: Helga Jóna Thórunnardóttir

CANNES is a classic cardigan knitted in Isager Hør Organic and Isager Alpaca 1. It has embroidered sleeve patches in beautiful stripes on the elbows. The body is worked back and forth to the armholes, where the work is divided. It is a light but still warm cardigan, perfect for summer

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VALENCIA Pullover / Design: Saichika

VALENCIA by Japanese Saichika is a short sleeved pullover in Isager Hør Organic and Isager Silk Mohair with a split collar and hem. This pullover is worked top-down, working back and forth in stocking stitch from the collar and then in rounds.

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