December 07, 2021
Handcraft is a cooporation between Helga Jóna Thórunnarsdóttir and Helga Isager. This new knitting book has one basic pattern for finger gloves and one for mittens, but various knitting patterns and different edgings.
December 10, 2021
New photos for the film collection
The patterns for the film collection, Marianne’s designs inspired by her favourite films, will along the way be updated with new photos. See the first photoes here.
December 08, 2021
Patterns by Annette Danielsen
Beautiful, wellfitting knitting designs in sizes 44 - 54
December 09, 2021
Throughout the year
This new pattern is named THROUGHOUT THE YEAR and the pattern has colour combinations after the four seasons. This is your chance to play with your favorite colours and to use your Silk Mohair left over colours.