Throughout the year

MOHAIR was originally knitted in Spinni and Tvinni Mohair. Marianne has now made a variation using either Silk Mohair + Alpaca 1 or Silk Mohair + Alpaca 2.

The new pattern is named THROUGHOUT THE YEAR and the pattern has colour combinations after the four seasons. This is the chance to play with your favorite colours and to use your Silk Mohair left over colours. The main Alpaca colour must however be the same throughout the work.


Knitted in Isager Alpaca 1 or Isager Alpaca 2 and Isager Silk Mohair in 5 different colours – purchase kit
Knitted in Isager Alpaca 1 the blouse becomes lighter and more airy than the Alpaca 2 version – purchase kit
Make your own colour combination inspired by the colours of a beautiful landscape.