Recently, Marianne wathced the Danish film HVIDSTEN, – a true story about a family of innkeepers who during the Second World War took up arms againt the German occupiers. In this film one of the men wore a sweater that inspired Marianne for another design. Sadly, the theme of this film is highly relevant.

The HVIDSTEN sweater is knitted in Isager Aran Tweed and Isager Silk Mohair. Alternatively, 2 stands of Isager Tweed and Silk Mohair could be used, and for a dense texture, one stand of Alpaca 1 could be added. The aim was to make a nice, warm sweater for both men and women. The sizes/ measurements are indicated by numbers: 1 (2, 3, 4) and by mixing the numbers, you can make the sweater with chest circumference, total length and sleeve lenght that suits you the best. For a short, wide sweater, the chest circumference is large = 4, the total length is short = 1. A long, close fit sweater should be knitted with a chect circumference = 2 and a total length = 4. When choosing the length of the sleeves, a wide sweater would typically have short sleeves, whereas the sleeves for a narrow or man’s sweater would be long.