Brick sweater

BRICK SWEATER is my first attempt for a design with a “European shoulder seam”, where the seam is positioned further back on the shoulders. I find that this provides a really good fit.

The design is slightly cropped with a wide silhouette. Back and front are worked back and forth in one piece. First the back is worked from the bottom up. From the bottom of the armholes and up, a rib edge is worked along both edges. The rib stitches are set aside to rest, while short rows are worked to shape the shoulders and then the rib stitches are knitted together with the shoulder stitches. After this, stitches are picked up and knitted along the rib, the neckline is shaped, and the front is worked. At the end, stitches are picked up and knitted along the armholes for the sleeves, which are worked down from here. Short rows are worked to shape the top of the sleeve and the sleeves are worked back and forth.

The side and sleeve seams are sewn together at the end.

The sweater is worked in 1 strand of Isager Eco Soft and 1 strand of Isager Spinni held together throughout. The Spinni colour is changed to form the stripes, while the same colour of Eco Soft is used through the whole sweater. If you have Spinni remnants these can of course be used keeping in mind, that for the best result the contrast between the Eco Soft and the Spinni colours must be significant.

The pattern consists of stripes that are 8 rows wide. Every other stripe is worked in 2 different Spinni colours using the intarsia colourwork technique.

BRICK SWEATER knitted in Isager Eco Soft colour 7s, Isager Spinni colour 100, 29s, 42, 33s and 19