Isager Bouclé

Marianne says:
Many years ago, I had a bouclé yarn in the collection. I liked the structure of the yarn, but I never really figured out how to use it. Since then, I have often felt tempted to get bouclé back into our collection. When we visited Peru in the fall of 2022, our supplier showed me different versions in 100 % Alpaca. I have been ‘playing’ with it during the winter in the swatches for my new book and now it is suddenly difficult not to include it in every model. Our new Bouclé yarn consist of 100 % Alpaca and has the same gauge as Isager Jensen Yarn, but this of course changes depending on what technique is used. I very much hope that you will be just as fond of this yarn as I am.

Isager Bouclé in the six available colors, from the top; 6s, 65, 98, 100, E0 and E3s