Isager Soft Fine

With its softness and brushed feel, ECO SOFT has become extremely popular, and we decided to introduce a similar but finer version: ISAGER SOFT FINE

ISAGER SOFT is a tube yarn of cotton in which alpaca fibres are infused and it can only be produced as a thick yarn. ISAGER SOFT FINE has a core of silk on which a strand of alpaca and yak is added as a loopy bouclé, which is then finally brushed to make a fluffy yarn. Even if the production and the fibres are different to Isager Soft, we find quite a similarity in the textures of the two yarns. ISAGER SOFT FINE contains wool from yaks and the depth of the colours derives from the dark colour of the yak wool, – exactly as we know from the S-colours of white and black wool. Its softness compares to Silk Mohair, knitting with this yarn, however, is a completely different experience, especially when knitting with one strand only. The yarn is unbelievable soft and our inhouse-name for this yarn is ‘Isager’s cashmere’.

Colours: E2s – E4s – E6s – E7s – E8s – 11 – 28 – 30 – 35 – 100

Specification:  63% alpaca / 26% silk / 11% yak. Meterage is 600 m (656 yds) in 100gr.